Mario Pitcher

Item # 1783127Size: 63 9/10 oz.Case Pack: 6 PiecesColor: Clear
Discover indispensable inspiration for profits and presentations and invite guests to join in the communal vibe. Encourage guests to partake in the experience, serve themselves and their friends, and share the fun. Libbey's pitcher selection is perfect for water and teas, but don't stop there. Beers and cocktails can be served en masse table side, saving your staff time by delivering the equivalent of several beverages at once. Featuring: Handmade options crafted by glass artisans create charming tabletop appeal; small bubbles and dimensional variations inherent in its creation are part of the craft, matching the personal touch you put into your beverage service Give new invigorating form to life's most essential drink and elevate your water service by infusing a lively variety of herbs and fruits in one of Libbey's pitchers. The presentation will definitely warrant a price point above free

TypePitcher Serveware

Capacity63.9 oz
Length6.94 in.
Width6.94 in.
Height8.1 in.
Diameter6.94 in.

Case Pack6 Pieces
Case Length19.46 in
Case Width10.8 in
Case Height8.16 in
Case Weight15.65 oz